Rumors of Jr. NTR working in Hollywood’s Marvel superhero film

Rumors of Jr. NTR working in Hollywood’s Marvel superhero film

There is talk of Indian actor Junior NTR doing a film for the Hollywood studio Marvel. After the Golden Globes ceremony, his meeting with the executive head of the studio, Victoria Alonso, was confirmed by Variety magazine.

After this meeting, there was talk of NTR joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In an interview with Variety, NTR also said that he is interested in acting in the MCU film. Actor NTR and Marvel CEO Alonso chatted, but it is not clear what the focus of the conversation was. However, this Golden Globes party could be NTR’s gateway to Hollywood.

The film ‘RRR’ starring ‘NTR’ has won the award for best original song at the Golden Globes. In critics’ choice, this film has become the best in terms of original songs and foreign language genres. This is why the actors of RRR have come under the eyes of Hollywood. The world’s prestigious Oscar Awards are a few weeks away and RRR is expected to win at least one award.

Speaking to Variety at the Golden Globes party, Ram Charan, another RRR actor, also said that he would like to play a superhero. Captain America, why not? We have amazing superheroes in India too. Why not invite one of our superheroes to come here?’ Ram Charan said.

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