Natu Natu: How was this song chosen for Oscar prepared?

Natu Natu: How was this song chosen for Oscar prepared?
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The popular song ‘Natu Natu’ from the Telugu film ‘RRR’ has been nominated in the original song category under the 95th edition of the Oscars. This is the song of the film in which children and old people are dancing together today. This song has won the hearts of film lovers.

Ram Charan and Jr. NTR have danced in the song ‘Natu Natu’ (Nach Naach in Nepali). Director Rajamouli’s ‘Treatment’ took a new flight with this song. How was this song made? What was going on in the mind of director SS Rajamouli, music director Keeravani and lyricist Chandra Bose before bringing this song to the screen?

Rajamouli had it in mind that the actor duo Jr. NTR and Ram Charan are both the best dancers in the Telugu film industry. Both have proved their mettle many times in their own way. It would be better if both are shown dancing together. He thought that watching them perform together can take the audience’s enjoyment and feeling to a new level.

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Rajamouli shared his thoughts with Keeravani, the music composer of the film. Talking about this, Keeravani said, “Rajamouli said to me, ‘Jetho bhai, I want a song in which both the dancers compete with each other.’

Keeravani told lyricist Bose, “The song should be such that both the lead actors create excitement by dancing on it.” You can write whatever you want. But keep in mind that the film revolves around events that took place in the 1920s. So see that the words are of the same period.

Rajamouli, Keeravani and Chandra Bose started working on this song from January 17, 2020. The work has started from the office of ‘RRR’ in the aluminum factory in Hyderabad. As soon as Chandra Bose got into his car, Rajamouli and Keeravani’s direction started running through his mind. The car was moving towards Jubilee Hills from Aluminum Factory. His hands were on the steering wheel, but his mind was on the song. So the hook line of the song ‘Natu-Natu’ played in his mind.

Such a tune had never been made before. Such a tune had never been made before. He started weaving the song at the speed of takita, takita 6-8 times. What was the point of this motion? Chandra Bose said, “Since this was Keeravani’s favorite form, he thought it appropriate to resort to it.” Even 25 years ago, Keeravani had advised Chandra Bose to make any song that would excite people.

Natu Natu is a song in which top artistes showcase their dancing skills. That is why Chandra Bose made this proposal. In two days he made three versions of the song and then met Keeravani. He recited his favorite poem at the end. Earlier, two more verses were sent. Keeravani also liked these songs of Chandra Bose and gave it the final form.

Some lyrics of the song

Polamagattu Dhummulona Potlagatta Dhukinattu

Poleramma jataralo potharaju oginattu

Kiruseppulu Asikoni Karasamu Sesinattu

Marisettu Nidalona Kuragumpu Kodinattu

90% of the song was done in two days. But after some changes and editing, it took 19 months to finalize this song. During this period, Chandra Bose and Keeravani continued to consult about this entire song. In the film, the character of Bhima (Junior NTR) is from Telangana while Ram (Ramcharan) is from Andhra Pradesh. Therefore, the song contains the words of the language of 1920 in both regions.

For example ‘mirapa toku’ (ground red chillies) ‘dumukulladtam’ (jumping up and down). These words are very common in Telangana. Sorghum was the staple food in Telangana at that time. It was eaten with red chillies. In Chandra Bose’s eyes, the song is where the words come together and then the visual captures it. This song fits the criteria perfectly.

There are many folktales in Telugu. That character is also used in the song. This song is sung by Kalbhairav ​​and Rahul Sipliganj.

The song ‘Natu Natu’ tested the dancing skills of both NTR and Ram Charan. Choreographer Prem Rakshit has composed around 95 steps in this song. He made 30 versions of it for the signature stage. Especially in the scene where NTR and Ramcharan are dancing holding hands. The film’s unit said in an interview that 18 takes were required for this particular step.

The song was shot in the background of the Presidential Palace of Ukraine.

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During the shooting of the film, Rajamouli and Keeravani decided to change the last verse of the song. Chandra Bose was busy on the sets of the film ‘Pushpa’ at that time. So we spoke to him on a conference call. Rajamouli and Keeravani asked him to change the last verse. After all, it took 19 months to complete the song. The last verse was changed in 15 minutes. Then the changed song was recorded.

The Natu Natu song not only showcases NTR and Ramcharan’s dancing talent, but also brings out many aspects of Bhima and Ram’s friendship. It tells the story of Rama’s sacrifice for Bhima. It tells how the Telugu people refused to obey the orders of the British.

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