Messi cried after listening to the radio

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Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi cried after listening to an Argentinian radio show about his journey to World Cup victory. Argentinian journalist Hernán Casciari told the story of the struggle on the radio under the title “Lionel’s Suitcase”.

In the program hosted by Andy Kusnetzoff, Casciari also spoke about Messi’s early days in Barcelona and his short retirement from the national team in 2016. Messi said that he had tears in his eyes while listening to this performance with his wife. After listening to this radio program, he sent the message to Casciari through WhatsApp.

Journalist Casciari spent 15 years of his life in Spain. There he directly observed the goals scored by Messi while playing for the youth team of Barcelona Football Club. “There were two types of immigrants – those who put their suitcases in a drawer when they arrived in Spain, and people like us who kept them outside,” Casciari said with a laugh on the radio. He also remembered how Messi did not embrace the Spanish dialect and always used the Argentinian Loves.

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