Kim Kardashian bought Princess Diana’s locket at an expensive price

Kim Kardashian bought Princess Diana’s locket at an expensive price

World famous celebrity Kim Kardashian has a treasure of expensive and antique items. She is often interested in buying such things. Recently, when British ex-Princess Diana’s belongings were auctioned, Kim bought her diamond cross pendant locket. The princess wore this jewelry to Sotheby’s annual event. You may also be surprised to hear the price of this diamond locket. You may also be interested to know how much Kim bought this locket. This is not just an expensive cross sign ornament.

It has decades of history. It started with court jeweler Garrard, who made one-off lockets in the 1920s. It was then bought by Naeem Attaullah CBE, chief executive of Asprey and Garrard. Later it was given to Princess Diana to pay off the debt. According to reports, Kardashian bought this princess locket for $97,453. This is a round-cut diamond design. According to Sotheby’s head of jewelry in London, Christian Sport forth, the cross was worn only by the princess and was never seen in public after her death. This is the first auction.

After Kim bought the locket, he also faced a lot of opposition. One user wrote, ‘Can’t believe Kim Kardashian bought Princess Diana’s locket, she doesn’t deserve to wear it.’ Kim has dyed her hair blonde, which is being praised by fans.

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