Gay community upset over popstar Beyoncé controversy

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Pop Star Beyoncé

Popstar Beyoncé is back on stage for a live concert after five years.

But not all fans are excited about his comeback. This pop star Beyoncé is making media headlines after giving a private concert at the opening of Dubai’s luxury hotel Atlantis The Royal.

1500 spectators were prohibited from taking mobile phones to the concert. Videos of the concert are currently going viral on the internet. Many fans were happy when Beyoncé, known as the queen of world pop music, returned to the stage. But some were unhappy with Dubai’s strict laws on same-sex relationships.

His latest ‘Renaissance’ is dedicated to honoring black gays.

The song depicts the dance of a person from the ‘gay’ community. As freelance music journalist Abigail Firth told the BBC, Beyoncé’s recent work owes much to gay culture. This explains why some of his fans are upset about the Dubai concert. It is said that Beyoncé was paid 24 million dollars for the Dubai concert.

“He seems like a really bad choice,” says Abigail, “he’s obviously a millionaire, he didn’t really need to do it, he didn’t really need the money.” The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has strict laws against homosexuality. There are also some such rules in Qatar, a nearby country that hosted the 2022 World Cup.

Pop Star Beyoncé

Qatar has also been criticized for its attitudes towards gay people, its human rights record and its treatment of migrant workers. British ex-football player David Beckham was also criticized after signing a huge deal with famous comedian Joe Lissett to advertise in Qatar.

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So far, the criticism of Beyonce has not been so fierce. Abigail says, ‘People are a little hesitant to give Beyoncé any kind of reaction because she’s admired by the gay community. Lawrence Barton, who runs a chain of gay bars in Birmingham, UK, says, “I was disappointed to see Beyoncé perform in Dubai.”

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