twitter logo

Twitter logo changed: Dog instead of beloved bluebird Confirmed by Elon Musk

Spasta Khabar

Another big change has been made to the social platform Twitter; the Twitter logo changed from bluebird to dog The ...

Bluetick verification

Meta offers to sell the Bluetick verification badge on Facebook and Instagram

Spasta Khabar

Meta offers to sell the Bluetick verification Like on Twitter, you have to pay a fee for bluetick verification on ...

mac windows 11

Now you can use Windows 11 on Mac too

Spasta Khabar

Now Windows 11 can be used officially on Mac. Microsoft wrote a blog on its support page and gave information ...


Is Google afraid of ChatGPT?

Spasta Khabar

ChatGPT Vs Google In the last 20 years, Google has become the king of internet searching. Many companies tried to ...


WhatsApp is going to bring voice-to-text feature

Spasta Khabar

WhatsApp is preparing to release a new feature. According to the demand of many users, the company is going to ...