Zendaya and Tom

‘Spiderman’ best No. 1 couple Zendaya and Tom Holland visit India

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“Spiderman” couple Zendaya and Tom Holland’s arrival in Mumbai creates a buzz on the internet, with their casual airport style ...

Shrinkhala Khatiwada and Sambhav Sirohiya

Love gossip between the former Miss Nepal Shrinkhala and Entrepreneur Sirohiya

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Former Miss Nepal Shrinkhala and Entrepreneur Sambhav Sirohiya There was talk of love between former Miss Nepal Shrinkhala Khatiwada and ...

Sonu Nigam

MP’s Son Faces Abuse Charges Against Sonu Nigam

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A complaint has been registered against the son of a Member of Parliament regarding the abuse of Indian singer Sonu ...

Trishala Gurung and Rohit Shakya

Nepal Singer Trishala Gurung got married with musician Rohit Shakya

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Nepali Singer Trishala Gurung is married to Nepali musician Rohit Shakya. On Thursday, the relationship between these two musicians became ...

titanic actor

Titanic actor in love with 29 years younger girl

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Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who worked in Hollywood’s superhit film ‘Titanic’, is more popular than the film because of his personal ...